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Mission Statement

The American College of Cosmetic Physicians (ACCP) and The American Board of Cosmetic Medicine (ABCM) have been established to unify, educate, and govern physicians who are involved in the practice of cosmetic medicine. 

Who are We?

Members of the ACCP are a diverse group of physicians from varying backgrounds, such as internal medicine, family practice, emergency medicine, dermatology and anesthesiology who are now dedicated primarily to the practice of cosmetic medicine. With the advent of new technology, such as lasers and radiofrequency, allowing non-surgical and minimally invasive solutions to what had previously only been achievable through surgical intervention, a new specialty has arisen. Technological innovation is the foundation of this new specialty.

What is Cosmetic Medicine?

Cosmetic physicians use the latest technology and the newest medicinal compounds in the persuit of maximizing an individual"s quality of life through medical cosmesis which includes (but not limited to) wrinkle reduction, enhancement of facial and body complexion, improvement and reduction of non-cancerous pigmented lesions, scar reduction, facial and body contouring and treatment of cellulite, vericose and spider veins, and cosmetic epilation, as well as maximizing quality of life through restoration of body systems using bio-identical hormone replacement.

American College of Cosmetic Physicians