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Become a Fellow in the American College of Cosmetic Physicians

Fellowship status will be granted to members of the ACCP in good standing for three consecutive years who have successfully completed 50 hours of category 1 PRA AMA CME in cosmetic medicine within that time frame and are board certified by an accredited ABMS specialty, or by the American Board of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery.

The American Board of Cosmetic Medicine, Inc. understands that not all physicians are trained (or desire training) in every procedure listed below. Therefore, in addition to general certification by the ABCM, individual categories of competence have been established.

The following requirements have been established by the ABCMS for "general certification" in cosmetic medicine:
- A graduate of an accredited US medical school with a degree of M.D. or D.O. and successfully passed all parts of the USMLE and hold an unrestricted license to practice medicine in any state of the United States of America.
- Graduates from a foreign medical school will have passed the USFMG licensing exam as well as hold an unrestricted license to practice medicine in any state of the United States of America.
- Complete 50 hours of category 1 PRA AMA continuing medical education within the past three years in the general field of cosmetic medicine
- Demonstrated competency in at least 2 of the categories outlined below. Competency is demonstrated by complete patient logs for at least 10 procedures in each category.
- Passing the written exam which will encompass all the categories listed in addition to basic knowledge of dermatopathology.

While the board understands that not all cosmetic physicians regularly perform all of the procedures listed below, it is the position of the ABCM, that a physician   designated as a specialist in cosmetic medicine needs to have in depth knowledge of the entire specialty.
- After completing the requirements, a physician certified by the ABCM will be designated as having achieved special competency in the following categories:
- Electromagnetic wavelength based medical devices (lasers, IPL, etc.)
- Subcutaneous and intramuscular injections (botulism toxin, dermal fillers)
- Body contouring (tumescent liposculpture with or without fat transfer and/or mesotherapy based procedures)

Note- These are certified individually:
- Sclerotherapy
- Suspension sutures or similar devices
- Ultrasound, radiofrequency, and endermology based cosmetic procedures
- Having demonstrated competency in 2 of the 6 modalities above, general certification will be granted with special competency in those same two modalities (assuming the other criteria above have been met). However, a physician will not be sanctioned by the ABCM to perform any other procedure(s) apart from those which competency has been established. In order to establish competency a physician certified by the ABCM will need to document no fewer than ten procedures in each modality with full patient logs.

American College of Cosmetic Physicians