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American College of Cosmetic Physicians- Mission Statement

About the American College of Cosmetic Physicians

Within the past several years a new trend has developed within the American medical community. We are witness to the rapid development of a new and unique specialty, cosmetic medicine in the United States. While the specialty of esthetic, also known as cosmetic medicine is thoroughly established in other parts of the world, physicians in the United States have been slow to recognize the specialty of cosmetic medicine as a distinct specialty. An increasing number of  physicians have been educated and developed competency in the use of medical products and technology for the purpose of cosmesis.  Because physicians with various specialty training are regularly practicing cosmetic medicine, the American public remains somewhat confused as to which specialty can legally, ethically, and competently practice cosmetic medicine.

The American College of Cosmetic Physicians and the ABCM have been established, therefore, to ensure the highest level of ethics and competency in the practice of cosmetic medicine, to unify and educate physicians practicing cosmetic medicine, and to assure the public that a physician educated and certified through the ABCM meets the highest standards of practice. Until now, there has not been a governing board overseeing the education and regulation of the practice of cosmetic medicine. The ACCP will also be involved in educating the public concerning the safe and effective use of medical compounds, devices and procedures commonly used in medical cosmesis.

American College of Cosmetic Physicians